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Our Little Story

About Shipslog

It's time to fast forward your Shipping companie to the sky

Shiplog’s most unique attribute is the “inside-out” approach. Shiplog is NOT a software designed by user specifications. Instead, it’s the maritim users designing the application.  In the intervening years, we have gained experience as Deck Officers, Engineers, Superintendents, and Software Innovation Managers.

With such diverse paths and over 100 years of combined experience in the industry, we founded

Shipslog AS.

We have absolute clarity on gaps in the process that need addressing. We understand the challenges and we grasp our users’ strengths and capabilities. This formula is vital to our Product’s design and can’t be readily plagiarized.

Shipping companies face a wide range of challenges when working with Digalization of their shipping company and make visible your sustainability goals and green solutions

The solutions available today do not provide real solutions to these challenges, and the company remains
using Excel spreadsheets and notebooks. Although Excel is a powerful tool, it can not do most of the tasks required of the representatives of the various departments of a shipping company.

The solutions that exist lack a good part of the understanding of what a shipping company needs both on the land side and not least the sea side

The result is often cumbersome solutions and many simple solutions that require major reworking and half-done own solutions by hired consultants with little understanding of how one shipping company works,

The result is often cumbersome solutions and many simple solutions that require major reworking and half-done own solutions by hired consultants with little understanding of how one shipping company works,Crews and those on land often have too much to do and not enough time to do everything – this in turn leads to less documentation registered as the jobs progress, poorer reports are shared with owners and stakeholders, critical problems that are not followed up , unlawful additional costs from suppliers, consultants and much, much more.

You get KPIs and graphs of what is important with an overview that is unique.

Our tool requires no installation, very little training, and can be up and running in just one day.

It allows for proper live collaboration, both between the office and the vessels as well as internal and external suppliers and partners.

It’s everything you can expect from a modern tool and mirrors your business in real time

Here you will find described some of the most important Features of each phase of a digital shipping company where mirroring of the information on board ships and between those on land takes place seamlessly.

Of course, there are many more benefits to using

And many more are under development, would you like to see them all that have been developed so far in action and our plans for the future within AI and TQM please contact us for a live demonstration.

With a commitment to demonstrably improving safety and reducing costs, we present a holistic software solution with Heart.

And there is no such thing as "good enough". We only build things to last .

Ship-shore collaboration like never before

Track shipboard tasks & operations 24x7, taking the guesswork out of the equation.
  • Tasks & NotesDiscover a new way of working
    Plan, track and prioritize daily activities and collaborate in real-time for making decisions faster.
  • Chat & FilesCollaboration designed for Maritime
    Nautix enables more than just chat, so you and your team can get things done efficiently.
  • Ship TQMFind answers to all your questions easily
    Tap into a collective knowledge base and get the right information at the right time on any device from on board or ashore.

Everyone in your company can work faster and smarter with information at their fingertips

Narrow your search and make informed decisions without initiating repetitive email chains

Empower your team to share and access best working practices in a central location

We’ve felt the pain of our colleagues being let down by the sub-standard tools they’ve been provided. We want to change the status quo. We have the software expertise and the technical knowledge to make a difference.