**The idea for Skipslogg was conceived after asking some simple questions** Why is a business? On Ships worth hundreds of millions as little INNOVATIVE and how to make Better administration and workflow and significantly reduce costs. The shipping industry is lagging behind. As an active captain with 30 years of experience in handling various programs for the management of ships and crew, we saw how much extra work was generated and was struck by how this was organized and organized and manual work - which all got in the way of actual ship maintenance and documentation Therefore, Shipslog was established: to make the technology so intuitive and influential that people both on the land side and on board want to use it. It led to the most user-friendly and modern software of its kind for our industry. We've brought technology and ideas from other industries to automate the tedious tasks and release the teams to collaborate from anywhere. And there is no such thing as "good enough". We just build things to last. Some of the things we first grabbed and solved HR info: Why is there not a place where you can update and see all the info you need about employees like HR Responsible or Captain about the employees that you are responsible for on their own ship or HR consultant? and why aren't these synchronized ... How can it be that today in the digital world you have to write and stretch out, store and approve rest time lists on paper and then scan and send it by mail or Mail and store aboard your own folders there are routines for storing deletion of Mail and resting lists? Where can you, as a captain, find temps/deputies with the right qualifications and who are at the same time free when you need the person in case of exchange or illness in a simple way? And why don't you see a complete story about what you need to know as a parent or crew in your daily work? How can you, as Captain, relate to the GDPR law when there are so many places on the boats, programs, and folders that have information that contains personal information? How to find real-time documentation about working hours, rest time, working hours that you have benefits, passenger statistics, sick leave, bunker consumption, budget, etc when you only send in some data once a month or never in PDF, Excel or have to go in using more programs for finding statistics/information? Why do you have to have a "tour schedule" / working hours on paper and even update this and not on the phone calendar? Why do you have to go through several different illogical steps to order a single product on board or the service on a product? Where, for example, does the instruction manual have 16 full sheets for this procedure? Suppliers: why can't they enter the invoice-compliance list directly in the program form, so that you get real-time info directly on the product, with the approval of the invoice, so that you also get a complete history both on the product and over outstanding non-approved invoices/chores, Guarantee of the orders/product, how are they followed up, where are they? Why can't the vendor post it right away? Instead of, for example, today they send an invoice to the head office which is again processed by office personnel and sent by mail or in the mail to the ship for approval where another is on duty so the person who might not have been on board must be approved for a long time afterward. the consequence can be extra costs ++. How can one really see the economy in real time on the individual ship with the systems we have today and not least budgets comparisons with other ships in the shipping company Why can't we re-use the correct data/expenses we have collected over several years of, for example, one or more ships and put them directly in a tender? KPI overview of processes, features, tools, and statistics you need as Captain, Chief, crew And where can I easily find this as an HR consultant, HR-Director-QA / HSC Director, CEO, Board member, Shipowner, Investor? Insurance company? do they have the right information to give the company good insurance on assets and are all insured and up to date, how do you document this? Why Can't You Have the Benefits of App on Phone? The app platform has a wealth of opportunities and benefits, so why not re-use the data you have collected? Shipslog covers the needs both on the ship and on the land side to support a seamless and efficient operation. Welcome to the future!