Shipslog is a modern resource and management solution for shipping companies

And is the next-generation planning- and project-management software for ferries, goods and aquaculture, and covers the needs both on the ship and on land to support a seamless and efficient operation.

Free up to 75% of the work both on land and at sea, while you get an almost total overview of your shipping company in REAL TIME.

Welcome to the future!

Run your business wherever you want with this unique software as a service (SaaS)

complete overview of your company where you stand and are with a glance

The flexible structure and the user-friendly interface allow you to store and retrieve large amounts of information, analyzes with graphs for the most part, sorted by level / role you have, the board, administration, overview of maintenance, consumption, documents, ships, routes team employees, working hours, overtime, certificates, relatives, team, overtime, employment history costs ++++

With Shipslog as the only source of truth, you have transparency and up-to-date information to get to the top of things.

Changes and unforeseen events change of crew who are on leave and direct contact with involved either with e-mail SMS video chat system, these you contact immediately and with a click.

All information gathered in one place, from all changes, by all parties involved, is retrieved through Shipslog and is available for insight, reports and evidence in case of disputes.

A shipping company and just a platform.

Our Power, Stays with you

Your Event, Your Touchs

Welcome to the future!
All of the data is and is encrypted with the strictest encryption. ShipsLog uses the latest and greatest SSL algorithms. When logging into our system, your connection is always secure and encrypted. Your data is both encrypted at rest and transmitted over SSL, which means your data cannot be viewed or compromised both in transit or at rest

Schedule On The Go

Give your employees the ability to see when they are working next, to easily access and manage their schedule on the go, to punch in, and to attest their time, in the easiest possible way with the Shipslog. All without the need for pen and paper or Excel sheets.

Your Event, Your Touchss

Functions and information you see in the Dashboard are displayed in relation to one's ROLE, such as personal information, the team you work with, working hours ahead, certificate, course, expiry date on these, etc.

The roles are categorized into categories such as Office personnel, management, technical, maritime personnel…